Joey Law, Regina Ho, and Hubert Wu Cast in Reboot of TVB Series, “Return of the Cuckoo”

Joey Law, Regina Ho, and Hubert Wu Cast in Reboot of TVB Series, Return of the Cuckoo

Joey Law (羅天宇) has been getting a lot of critical acclaim for his first male lead role in TVB series, “Hong Kong Love Stories” (香港愛情故事). The role even earned him a Best Actor nomination at the 2020 TVB Anniversary Awards. While Joey Law says he has not qualified for Best Actor, he has more confidence in the Most Improved Actor award.

Aside from the accolades, TVB seems to be responding to his newfound fame by promoting him in more serious roles. There have been a lot of rumors about the cast of TVB’s reboot of the 2000 series, “Return of the Cuckoo” (十月初五的月光), which spawned a movie version in 2015. There were reports that Joey Law and “Come Home Love: Lo and Behold’s” Ricco Ng (吳偉豪) were competing for the role of “Szto Lai-Sun”, portrayed by Steven Ma (馬浚偉).

Ricco Ng

Joey Law spoke with Oriental Daily News and said, “I accepted the role of ‘Szto Lai-Sun’, but when I watched it before it was very fuzzy, so I’ve been rewatching it again lately. Even though the storyline is using the blueprint of the original series, but it will be completely different. We will not be filming in Macau this time.” As for working with Regina Ho (何依婷) and Hubert Wu (胡鴻鈞), Joey Law said this is their first time working together and have only met them during meetings. Joey Law said he will have a deep brotherly relationship with Hubert Wu, who will play Julian Cheung’s “Man Cho”. Regina Ho will be playing Charmaine Sheh’s “Chuk Kwan-Ho”.

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