“Youth With You 2″ Trainee, Kelly Lin, to Debut in K-Pop Group, “TRI.BE”

“Youth With You 2 Trainee, Kelly Lin, to Debut in K-Pop Group, TRI.BE

A new K-Pop girl group is set to debut in February. TRI.BE is set to debut under the tutelage of Shinsadong Tiger, who is responsible for many K-Pop hits and launching girl group, EXID. There are 4 Korean members, 2 Taiwanese members, and 1 Japanese member.

Song Sun

Song Sun is actually the cousin of Girl’s Generation member, Yuri.


Kelly Lin Weixi (林韋希) is one of the Taiwanese members. She previously competed on “Youth With You 2” (青春有你 2) in 2020, but was eliminated in the first round. Many netizens felt Kelly resembled Ningning from rookie SM girl group, aespa.



Jia (郭嘉佳) hails from Taiwan and is 15 years old.

Hyun Bin

Jin Ha

So Eun

Credit: IG (1, 2)