Jess Sum Gives Birth to a Baby Boy

Former TVB actress, Jess Sum (沈卓盈), announced the birth of her first baby, Jayden. Jess Sum made the announcement on “520”, known as “I Love You” day in China, on Instagram. The baby was born weighing 6.2 lbs. Jess Sum revealed her husband accompanied her in the delivery room and cut the baby’s umbilical cord. While the whole process was very smooth, Jess Sum said she was very nervous while she was giving birth, but once she listened to the baby crying, she couldn’t hold it in either. Her family members have said baby Jayden’s forehead and mouth resembles his father, while the eyes and nose looks like Jess Sum.

Jess Sum revealed when she was still pregnant, she didn’t take any particular courses on taking care of babies. She said, “I’m like a lot of the mommies around me, learn as I take care of the baby. A lot of friends have told me that the first few months are especially hard, but I am already mentally prepared. The first time changing the baby’s diapers, he already peed all over us and it was twice a day. We were so helpless, but it was also very funny. It’s quite sufferable to take care of a baby nowadays. Don’t have enough sleep, but each journey is very happy.”

Credit: hk01, Jess Sum IG

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