Tony Hung and Inez Leong are Getting Married

Tony Hung and Inez Leong are Getting Married

TVB actor, Tony Hung (洪永城), and his model-actress girlfriend, Inez Leong (梁諾妍), have been dating since 2018. Congratulations are in order for the couple as they announced they are getting married! On June 10, they both posted the news on Instagram.

Tony Hung wrote, “From running together, to talking on the phone, watching the sunrise, dating, unplanned travel, to pretend to avoid running, staying up all night to watch cartoons, living together, to our beloved, Coco, dying, to working consecutive nights and didn’t even get a chance to say good morning to you, to holding hands and stepping into our new journey today. Fortunately, I have you holding my hand tightly. I hope to have you by my side for the rest of my life. Chasing you is my luck, marrying you is my fortune!”

Inez Leong wrote, “Holding hands for the rest of our lives, continuing to run together, continuing to run to every corner of the earth. Thankful to have met you. Always bringing me joy, taking care of me, staying up to watch cartoons and tennis matches with me, supporting each other at work, I hope we will laugh together to spend the rest of our lives. We are getting married!”

As for the proposal, Inez Leong revealed Tony Hung proposed to her in the bathroom. Tony Hung went to the bathroom first and when Inez Leong went, she found it was set up with a camera and candles. There was a heart shaped card on the mirror that read, “Marry Me?”. Inez Leong was touched and laughing at the same time. When she asked why he proposed in the bathroom, Tony Hung told her that he knew she would definitely go to the bathroom. Inez Leong shared the funniest part of the proposal was when he took out the ring, she told him that she really had to use the toilet and told him to wait until she went first. In the end, Tony Hung waited and she said yes.

It turns out Tony Hung had already proposed after Lunar New Year. Both are busy with their respective careers, but plan to hold a wedding this year.

Credit:, Tony Hung IG

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