Miss Hong Kong 2018, Hera Chan, Says Boyfriend Would Get Bonus Points if He Had Membership to Adult Video Site

Matthew Ho (何廣沛) and Miss Hong Kong 2018, Hera Chan (陳曉華), attended a promotional event for their currently airing series, “Used Good” (異搜店) recently. When reporters brought up Matthew Ho being exposed by Milkson Fong for previously subscribing to a VIP membership on an adult video site, he said, “There is such a thing, but I think these are normal things. In fact, it’s something real men would do. If I deny it, then I am a hypocrite. However, I have canceled the membership and don’t watch it anymore. The good times were very short. It was only for half a month and then someone hacked my account. I shared it with Arnold Kwok and Milkson Fong and then the account was gone. So I suspect they leaked the password.”

As for his co-star, Hera Chan said she would accept her other half watching these films, but wouldn’t watch it with them. She elaborated further, “I’ve actually really never heard of memberships so I think it’s a bit of a surprise. If my boyfriend has a membership, I think I would give bonus points.”

When Matthew Ho expressed shock at Hera Chan’s response, she explained, “These are normal things. I won’t watch it with him. I think I would drag him to watch more romantic things.”

Credit: hk01, Hera Chan IG