“Love, Now” Co-Stars, Annie Chen Ting-ni and George Hu, are Engaged After 8 Years of Dating

Another on-screen couple has gone from reel to real! Congratulations are in order for Taiwanese actors, Annie Chen (陳庭妮) and George Hu (胡宇威), as they have announced their engagement on January 13. The couple both posted a picture of them hugging each other with Annie Chen wearing a diamond ring on her ring finger. Annie Chen and George Hu posted, “Together” and “ToGetHer”, respectively, at 13:14, which means “forever” in Chinese slang. This led to speculations on whether the two had some good news to announce.

Their engagement was confirmed with George Hu’s manager responding to ETtoday with: “Successful proposal”. His manager revealed George Hu proposed at Yu Shan and hiked for 8 hours. It got to a point where Annie Chen was getting annoyed. George Hu planned to propose at the top of the mountain, but it was already dark once they got to the top. Fellow hikers reminded them they had to start heading back so they had to rush back down with George Hu proposing at the parking lot on both knees as his legs were too tired from hiking.

George Hu’s manager revealed George Hu and Annie Chen started out from friends to lovers and have been dating for 8 years. The ring is said to be almost a 2 carat Cartier diamond ring. There is no wedding date set yet.

George Hu and Annie Chen were an on-screen favorite couple when they starred in the 2012 series, “Love, Now” (真愛趁現在). They reunited in the 2013 series, “Love Around” (真愛黑白配). Since they first starred in “Love, Now”, there have been many rumors they might have went from reel to real, but both have maintained they were just good friends. However, it’s reported their relationship was a known secret in the industry. Annie Hu’s manager revealed they chose not to reveal their relationship as they wanted the public to focus on their careers.

Credit: ETtoday (1, 2), IG

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  1. Congratulations to Annie Chen & George Hu! I recently read an article written in 2014 by Laurie Levenfield which confirms that George is the Father of 2 daughters whose Mother happens to be Jeanne Chen! The oldest girl was 3 in 2014 and that would make her 11 now which would coincide with his managers statement that George & Annie have been dating for 8 years! In this article George refers to Jeanne Chen as his wife and she refers to George as her husband! So it suggests that they were married and perhaps divorced to that they were never married at all! I think the all parties concerned will put the well being off the children first & foremost and that no one will get hurt! George comes across as calm, serene, and very easy going! he seems to be very opened minded and he seems to be the type that would allow his wife to do what ever she wanted, within reason of course, and would never stop her from her career! George & Annie make a beautiful couple and when they act together they really have so much natural chemistry Wishing them good health, and may their home be filled with happiness always! God Bless

    1. So happy to see they finally confirm their togetherness. Hopefully will lead to a lasting marriage. They both seems matured enough to handle the stress of being celebrity power couple.

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