ViuTV’s “King Maker IV” Survival Show, Debuts 8 Member Girl Group, COLLAR

Hong Kong’s music industry was injected with new blood when ViuTV came out with their highly successful survival show series, “King Maker”, which has already spanned four seasons. The show produced two boy bands, MIRROR and ERROR, in the first season, which have taken the music and acting industries by storm and giving life to Canto-pop, which has been stagnant for some time with the rise of K-Pop and Mando/C-Pop.

ViuTV recently wrapped up the fourth season of “King Maker” (全民造星IV), which debuted an 8 member girl group, COLLAR, on January 12. The members include: Marf (邱彥彤), Gao (沈貞巧), Day (許軼), Soching (蘇芷晴), Candy (王家晴), Winka (陳泳伽), Ivy (蘇雅琳), and Sumling (李芯駖). The group also released the music video for their debut song, “Call My Name!“, on January 13 at 8pm, which has already garnered over 433,000 views at the time of writing this article.

In the group’s first interview, leader of the group, Gao, revealed the name COLLAR has two meanings, “COLLAR represents shirt collar and a girl’s collarbone. It’s said that the collarbone is a woman’s charming area. There are two meanings. We are like a shirt’s collar, it’s a bit tightening, suitable for both men and women. It means that everyone watching our performance and charm can make everyone hold [their] breath. It’s like the collarbone having so much charm being seen by everyone.”

Credit: hk01 (1), COLLAR FB

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