SNH48 Member, Jiang Shuting, Suffered Minor Burns After Shirt Suddenly Caught Fire During Rehearsing

SNH48 TEAM HII member, Jiang Shuting (蒋舒婷), had a scare when her shirt suddenly got caught on fire during a recent rehearsal. She immediately took it off and avoided getting seriously burnt, but still suffered some burns on her back.

Jiang Shuting recently revealed to her fan chatroom that her shirt suddenly went on fire when a laser light was shining on her. Her outfit for the performance was also burnt a little and had to be patched at the last minute. Jiang Shuting told fans not to worry as she said she was fine. She also mentioned a staff member kept applying ice on her.

In a live stream, Jiang Shuting revealed she was talking with another member when she started feeling pain her back. She also described smelling smoke like something was burning. Jiang Shuting said it was a good thing she noticed it immediately and joked about having thick skin. She has had to apply ointment on her back injuries and revealed a bit of her hair got burnt.

After finding out about the incident, Jiang Shuting’s fans started calling out SNH48’s management company Star48 aka Siba to make a statement. They also blasted Star48 for allowing something like this to happen.

Credit: Weibo (1, 2, 3, 4)

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