Michelle Reis Recounts Her Brush With Death After Being Admitted to ICU for 48 Hours

Hong Kong actress and beauty queen, Michele Reis (李嘉欣), revealed she had her brush with death recently when she posted a picture of herself at the hospital on January 15. Michele Reis revealed she was recently admitted to the ICU for 48 hours. She wrote, “These 48 hours in the ICU, I barely escaped death. I sincerely thank all the medical personnel for their meticulous professionalism. Truly sorry for exhausting and worrying my family.”

Michele Reis later published a statement through her staff member explaining around two in the morning on January 11, she started feeling her heart rate was beating rapidly, she had difficulty breathing, and her footsteps weren’t stable. After discussing with a familiar doctor, Michele Reis was advised to go to the hospital immediately, where she was immediately sent to the ICU to be rescued.

The doctor told Michele Reis, who was conscious throughout the entire journey, that if she was rescued any later, “This world was this close to losing Michele Reis.” After being treated in the ICU for two days, she was finally transferred back to a regular hospital room and had since returned home to rest.

Michele Reis revealed her sharp drop in her blood pressure affected her other organs, which led to her health scare.

Credit: hk01, IG (1, 2)