Koo Jun-yup Settling in Taiwan to Spend Married Life with Barbie Hsu

Koo Jun-yup and Barbie Hsu have been enjoying their blissful marriage life in Taiwan since they got married back in March. While initial reports stated that Barbie Hsu would move to Korea, that was shut down by Barbie Hsu’s mother, stating that she needs to take care of her children in Taiwan.

A netizen spotted Barbie Hsu and Koo Jun-yup in the streets

It seems Koo Jun-yup is actually settling down in Taiwan. On July 16, Koo Jun-yup was interviewed by a Taiwanese reporter on how long he would be staying in Taiwan. Koo Jun-yup responded, “I’m already married. I will be spending my married life here. If there is nothing going on, then I will be staying here.” He also explained that he would only be returning to Korea if there was something up and will be flying between Korea and Taiwan.

When asked about how he got along with Barbie Hsu’s kids, Koo Jun-yup responded, “Asking too much, sorry, sorry.”

Credit: Weibo (1, 2)