Dylan Wang’s Popularity Skyrockets and Multiple Hashtags Trending Daily with Success of “Love Between Fairy and Devil”

The unprecedented success of iQIYI’s “Love Between Fairy and Devil” (苍兰诀) has took everyone by surprise and even brought tears to the producer of the series. The series has recently reached 10,000 points on iQIYI’s popularity index. The success of the series has also brought immense popularity to the cast particularly, Dylan Wang (王鹤棣), who has been trending at the top everyday with multiple hashtags — like him hovering over his mother while riding the bus in the past or how it took him over 100 tries to learn Esther Yu’s “GWALLA” dance.

While Dylan Wang broke into the industry is most known for his role as “Daoming Si” in the 2018 remake of “Meteor Garden”, his follow up series weren’t as well received until “Love Between Fairy and Devil”. Many netizens have said Dylan Wang enjoyed “overnight success” with this series and is now known to mainstream audiences. In his latest airport experience, he was followed and crowded by fans.

Dylan Wang’s previous work Weibo account has also officially changed its name to Wang Hedi Studio and went from 70,000+ followers to 300,000+ followers. The studio’s account also got the blue verification mark and had listed several job postings. In one week, Dylan Wang has gained over 1.56 million followers on Weibo, bringing him to 13.5 million followers. He also made it to #1 of Weibo’s Popular Figures chart on August 19.

In addition, Dylan Wang’s edition of the ELLEMEN’s Autumn 2022 magazine was released on August 19 and had pre-sale orders for over 60,000 copies. The magazine was taken down shelves as it was sold out. Dylan Wang had another magazine, Men’s Uno August 2022, that was released before “Love Between Fairy and Devil” aired, only had 137 pre-order sales.

Fans and viewers can also see Dylan Wang every Saturday as he is a permanent cast member on MangoTV’s “Hello, Saturday” (H!6).

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7 thoughts on “Dylan Wang’s Popularity Skyrockets and Multiple Hashtags Trending Daily with Success of “Love Between Fairy and Devil”

  1. That’s a well deserved success. He’s doing a good job. But also the collective effort of script, good direction and fellow actors is raising the entire drama and individual performances .

    1. Agreed! I feel sad for Yu Shuxin. Her performance was equally as good as WHD/Dylan and should be credited with being a great costar and lead actress for bringing out the acting in Dylan.

      1. Sorry the girl’s acting was plain and unprofessional. You can tell she’s a new comer with limited acting skills. Her rich family status may have even brought her this role. Should have relaxed her with another girl.

        1. If you watch the BTS, it was actually esther who guide and helped dylan to regulate his emotions specially the kissing scenes. She didn’t shine because of her character which is an average and 5year old fairy. The script was also polish by her. A lot of her ideas were incorporated to the drama.

      2. I’ve only watched the first five episodes or so, and I can see how Dylan is receiving praise. He has embodied the role pretty well. Esther, while I’ve grown to love her real life personality after watched YWY2, I find her acting rather average and nothing to write home about. She’s acceptable and sometimes annoying with that cutesy voice (yes I know she’s a child fairy compared to him). Her character is a bit annoying overall actually. Her acting still feels so self conscious trying to be cute. Hopefully she gets better and I’ll change my mind. But I can see why his popularity has skyrocketed compared to hers.

    2. I agree with the importance of recognizing the collective effort. I already loved Yu Shuxin, and I want to think that she and other members of the team are happy for Di Di. LOL! I’m a new new mom fan! Good job, my boy!

      I have some expectations for his next work.

    3. Overall every body did a good job. The casting. The sceneries. Wardrobe and effects.. superb!well desurved for theie success. But honestly, dongfang xhingxang is sooo handsomeeee. Ayeeehhhh!!! I love u Dylan🤣😘😘😘😘😘😘

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