Miss Hong Kong 2022 Winner, Denice Lam Denies Rumors She Once Confronted and Yelled at Third Party at Her Workplace

Denice Lam’s (林鈺洧) Miss Hong Kong 2022 win as the champion has been quite controversial when the media dug up her old interviews where she talked about her sexual experiences with past boyfriends. Because of this, some netizens have labeled her as the “Miss Hong Kong Sex Girl”.

Recently, another person revealed more of Denice Lam’s “dark past” saying that her boyfriend at the time was cheating on her. As a result, Denice Lam went up to the third party’s workplace to confront her and made a scene. The person exposing the “dirt” reportedly works at the same luxury store the third party worked at and said Denice Lam made her cry. The rumor continues to say that Denice Lam successfully got her boyfriend to dump the other girl.

On October 6, Denice Lam denied the rumors, saying, “From what I know, there were no third parties with my past boyfriends. I did trust all of them. Now that this was exposed, I do have a little bit of suspicions, but there weren’t any when I was dating [them], so these are fake news.”

Denice Lam also said her past boyfriends were all very good and she treated all her relationships seriously. She explained, “I viewed every [boyfriend] as a marriage partner. Every one of their appearances is fate.” As for whether she has any “beef” with someone that would start these rumors, Denice Lam said, “I seldom have beef with people. I feel like it’s fate to encounter each person. So I wouldn’t intentionally hate a person or argue with them. Maybe there are people who don’t like my face. I don’t know. I really don’t have a name. If I did something wrong to someone, then I am really sorry. I really hope you can also let it go. Even if I did do something to offend you, I didn’t mean it.”

Credit: hk01, IG (1, 2)

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