Jackson Wang Reveals the Response He Got from Stephy Tang After DMing Her He’s Her Biggest Fan

Jackson Wang (王嘉爾) is a global superstar with a large fanbase. Even so, there are times when Jackson Wang becomes like a fan just like everyone else. In a recent interview with Hong Kong television station, TVB, Jackson Wang talked about his favorite series and movies he watched growing up there.

When asked about the type of roles he wants to try, Jackson Wang revealed he has no confidence to act in romantic films citing that he can’t convince himself to do it. He said the the only romantic film he ever watched in his life is the Hong Kong movie, “Love is Not All Around (十分爱)”, starring Stephy Tang (鄧麗欣) and Alex Fong. Jackson Wang also revealed he’s a really big fan of Stephy Tang and said, “I really love Stephy.”

There was also a time Jackson Wang recounted he was talking to his friend about “Love is Not All Around” and asked if Stephy Tang has Instagram. He searched and found out Stephy Tang was following him on Instagram. Jackson Wang said he was really excited for a long time and said, “Is this fake?”, and immediately followed her back. When asked if they communicated afterwards, Jackson Wang said he DM’ed her and said, “I’m your biggest fan.” He said Stephy Tang responded back, “Ha ha”.

Credit: TVB, IG, Weibo