Jackson Wang Goes on Rant Cursing Out Foreign Media at London Concert

Jackson Wang (王嘉爾) has been going on his world tour “JACKSON WANG MAGIC MAN WORLD TOUR 2022-2023” since last November. On January 12, Jackson Wang held the Magic Man concert at the London stop. Jackson Wang trended on Weibo because of a video of him wearing a see through shirt, but also his expletive filled rant about foreign media and fake reports about China.

Jackson Wang started his speech saying, “I’m Jackson Wang from China. This is my home country.” Then he goes, “Listen, listen! There’s so much f*cking media talking about bullsh*t. It’s not like China. Media, f*cking media! Propaganda bullsh*t. If you travel to China one time, you’ll feel like damn, this is a dope place. I guarantee. I don’t know that game they’re trying to play. I don’t f*cking know. I’m just an artist. I’m an entertainer. I’m a citizen. I’m a person. I don’t know that sh*t. I don’t give a f*ck. I just wanna say that. There’s a lot of filter about these media things. That’s why you guys gotta be careful about media stuff. You know what I mean. We’re living on earth, everywhere we welcome.”

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26 thoughts on “Jackson Wang Goes on Rant Cursing Out Foreign Media at London Concert

  1. Jackson…. love the guy but I’ll call hipocricy when I see it…Propaganda is done by both countries towards each other….If one pays attention to both Western and China state news or any news on either side one can see how hatred, lies, truth, racism, exgeration is spread. Yes defend your country sir as China is a beautiful place and much more than political issues…But he overstepped when he called out Western media for Propaganda when he can’t do the same in his own country…Which Western artist can go to China, and while performing calls out their media??….They would get cancel with immediate effect….Everything that happened in China him and every other celeb remains silent and don’t dare call out their own media for censorship and their Propaganda on their own issues and towards other countries including the West… but he can come, perform, benefit from the West while calling out the media?? He should thank God for democracy as he’s benefiting from it to it’s fullest. Even how he perform, the type of stage he’s doing, he cannot portray that behavior in China as the entertainment industry has gotten very strict lately there…Until the day he can voice his own opinion about Propaganda in his own country, I’ll take him serious then. We call out our government and media many times , and don’t believe many things they spew….can he do the same in China….Ohhh I forget there is a rule in China that anyone who is in the entertainment industry cannot have improper political view. They must support CCP or else no job in that industry….Both countries are messed up and I can call bullshit on both sides….he only chose the one in which he’s free to perform anyway he chose and can’t say a shit about his country blatant issues??…Jackson I call him out on that!!

    1. hahaha 😆 WELL SAID. I thinks the same! You can says whatever you like in a free speech country , like the West and J.W. know it. If he Rant in China he lnow he can be arrest so he dare not to.

      Maybe he got bullied by some western guys when he was a student, something like that.

      What is going on in his head no one know for sure!

      We will wait and see. 😆 🤣 😂

  2. I’m a bit conflicted about his remarks. He can love his mother country, but everything that he represents and raised from, are all pretty Western-influenced, starting with English school in HK, pop bands in South Korea, and now performing in the West. Which part of him is Chinese-nurtured, apart from where he was born?

    I still find his comments refreshing because he still remembers and respects his roots, but he does criticize Western media, while conveniently forgoing criticism for his native country.

    It’s just very hard to find a way to reconcile his opinions without thinking of his background.

    1. haha I find out that he used to loved a HK ACTRESS CALLED “DO DO LING, aka CHEN DO LING, she is a very popular! Of course she is a lot older than him. 😆 I know hes playing around.

      And I found out that he was born in KOWLOON, HONG KONG, with a Chinese roots where both of his PARENTS ARE CHINESE. You can find his parents in one of his youtube. He missed them and when they met him, he cried like a baby! LOLSSS HAHAHA 😆 😂 🤣 I understand why he hated the western media, this is because his Parents are from China. The rest of his background he doesn’t seem to care!

      1. Well, someone on another site mentioned this. He can talk about Western media being biased, but if he tried to say the same about China’s media on Western turf…he’s done. He can kiss his citizenship and welcoming goodbye. At least when he criticizes the West, no one’s going to punish him. But he can’t do the same to China.

        1. Nobody can !

          One magical can.

          He is invisible!

          Nobody can see him.

          But he can see us,

          because he is everywhere!


          Only he can PUNISH those who did wrong and still doing it.

          I already said in my other comments; Those angey him will get FLOODS, STORMS, HURRICANE, LIGHTNING ETC, EVERY YEARS!

          Look at USA, CHINA, JAPAN, INDONESIA, INDIA AND SO ON. These Countries and more Countries never stop doing that made GOD angry , so there in the end you know what!

          Abt JACKSON WANG, one day he will regret it.

        2. Not quite true though. Julian Assange, for one, would tell you otherwise. The thing with China vs countries like the USA is in the USA you can criticize to some extent (obviously if you’re trying to reveal American war crimes you can say goodbye lol, the CIA isn’t going to tolerate that), but, still, very little is actually done. How many Americans protested the Iraq war but to this day Bush, who helped murder over 1 million Iraqis for oil (a lie directly propagated by western media btw), lives on, free and happy while those 1 million people will never come back?

          And clearly you haven’t actually ever been on Chinese internet. There are plenty of criticisms of China by actual Chinese people, but ofc there’s also censorship. Just look at some of the recent decisions such as about regulation of certain celebrities or the gaming bans and you’ll realize there’s a lot of criticisms as well, it’s just your media never reports on it and none of you can read Chinese so you’ll never know what Chinese people are actually saying. There’s a lot of cultural differences you people don’t understand.

  3. Based. Before people start bashing him, take his word and go to China for a visit. You will be surprised how advanced the country is compared to the dated West. Western countries are hypocrites. Don’t trust what you read.

    1. Having tall buildings and wide highways doesn’t necessarily mean “advanced.” If you see how much ordinary Chinese people have suffered from the Chinese government’s culture-revolution-style COVID policies in the past three years and how much the Chinese government have lied to its people in the process, you wouldn’t call that country “advanced.”

      1. Stacy Wong.
        I totally agreed with you.
        I have many Relatives who lived in China and they had been suffered from poverty , poor wages. One of my best Uncle died from Covid 19 it has broken my heart, he was young, and since lockdown the border has been shut for 3 years. We cannot go back to pay respects to him. I would blamed that American white doctor name, who he should got the sack by Trump. Trump was an idiot the American got rid of him, instead. That stupid doctor name as Faud? He wanted to tested the viruses, why didn’t he die ? He F. old and hot a stupid brain.What vaccines has he jabbed himself before the world made vaccines? I hated him so much. Go to hell Feud
        whatever his name I dont remember, dont care!

      2. Lol 80-90% of Chinese people literally approve of their government themselves, something even Harvard studies have confirmed. Obviously they don’t approve of everything, but no one will approve of everything.

        For that matter, US Presidents’ approval ratings are always literal dirt. The USA can’t even control Trump supporters from storming its capital. Does that mean the USA isn’t “advanced”?

  4. Honestly, I used to be a fan of this guy. I got into GOT7 because of him and Mark. Sad to see that since he started promoting in China, he became such a CCP mouthpiece.
    I have never once heard him speak up about the human rights violations in China, criticizing them for trying to take over other regions in the area (Tibet, Taiwan), or standing up for the citizens there when they were literally welded in their homes during covid, and yet he’s criticizing the Western media??? He got a Western education, he became famous because he was in a K-Pop group, and he’s making money in Western countries. If China is so amazing, why didn’t he just stay there? Honestly what a hypocrite.
    Telling people to go to China and see what a great place it is reeks of privilege. Of course he’s going to think it’s a great place, he’s a rich celebrity who knows nothing of the lives of regular people there. I’m honestly disgusted that I used to be a fan of this guy.

    1. Hi Celina, thanks for the info of Jackson WANG. Although I am not a fan of him and I did not know him. I read the news only. I just found out he was born in Kowloon HONG KONG in 1994 he is now 29. He said he live in China , I believe he got a house there and can visit his parents. I watched that video other day, I find his English isn’t perfect as many thinks. e.g. He was on the stage in London shouting and he said ” This is my Country, I live here “! hahaha 😆
      Did he know where he is at the time of saying? He is in a foreign Country at the time he spoke to the media in London. LOLSSS HAHAHA 😆 😂 🤣

      He should had said” China is my country, I live there.

      Can you see the different?

      English is not really easy for people with no English education, even Jackson Wang been taught by the English speaker, he isn’t good enough.

      1. His English isn’t bad, especially for someone who speaks three languages. He’s competent, proficient enough to be understood and almost fluent. You can criticize his politics without such a cheap shot. And by the way, your question should have been ‘Can you see the difference?’

        Pot -> Kettle-> Pot.

        1. What make you attacks me? Don’t make a conflicts here. If you love JW tell him face to face!

          You look like a kette pot which he is not interested.?

          Do not reply talk to me.!

          I cannot make him love you! Period!

    2. Where are you from?
      (Alleged) human rights violations aside, I agree with him that the coverage of China in Western mainstream media has REEKED TOO MUCH of prejudice and racism. The negative coverage is too nauseating.

      If China is really guilty of human rights violations – the USA is, too – so why doesn’t Western media condemn the US? Hmm, double standards.
      Taking over regions such as Tibet, Taiwan? Have you conveniently forgotten the fact that the USA likewise did the same too. Go and shout for Tibet independence if you want, but don’t forget Alaska, Hawaii, Texas, and virtually the entirety of the USA, which were stolen from its indigenous inhabitants.

      The fact that China is a “dope place”, as he says, has no bearing with him going around the world for concerts – it’s his job, after all.

      And remember that he is NOT LAMBASTING Western countries – he is CALLING OUT the hypocrisy and the double standards of Western media. Happy to see someone stand up against the systematic bias and prejudice against China.

      1. Well said. Same goes with Canada as they seem to discover unmarked graves at former residential schools. They need to stop lecturing China about vocational schools in Xinjiang when they try to wipe out the indigenous population themselves. Western media makes me want to puke every time they add “at what costs” to their media headlines. Just Google it yourself. Gordon Chang has been predicting China’s collapse for the longest time yet they get stronger as time goes by. What a joke! Sorry dude, but I don’t think he’ll ever witness the collapse in his lifetime. Henry Kissinger once say, “To be an enemy of the US is dangerous, but to be a friend is fatal”. Double standard is everywhere. Western countries can freely use tear gas and bullets in protests yet Hong Kong can’t use them because they are “peaceful” protests my @ss. Western media just didn’t show those who got beat up by the so called “peaceful” protesters or should we call them rioters.

      2. Hmmmm. Before the Western media can morally criticize China for human rights violations, they should eliminate racism from the US and most European countries. The U.K. and US like to point fingers at China, conveniently forgetting that their thriving’ economy was built on the backs of slavery. And the UK alone is responsible for “raping” many continents (Africa , Australia, America, even parts of Asia) of their natural resources and enslaving many native populations, driving them to inhabit the worst parts of the land. They don’t have a leg to stand on, criticizing another country. Such hypocrites!


    3. “Alleged” human rights violation is fake when US-backed Xinjiang separatists claim Andy Lau and Chow-Yun Fat are “Xinjiang police officers” These separatists are funded by the CIA and NGOs. So “cry ab it!”

    1. CCP lifted millions out of poverty. Just go watch Janis Chan’s No Poverty Land series. Americans get poorer each day. The US government ain’t doing anything to help their own people. Instead they spend money on war against the non western countries just to maintain their #1 bully status. The world will be a better place if the US fails. The world needs to go against the US and not be their lap dogs.

      1. I am confused why you are talking about the US. Maybe you need to read up on whataboutism? A country being “bad” in your view does not absolve other countries from wrongdoing or criticism.

        1. Everywhere is the same. Copycat is all over the World. This needs to be STOP! GOD IS WATCHING! No wonders FLOODS , STORMS, HURRICANE, LIGHTNING ETC., hitting these COUNTRIES every year! Because God is angry ! People doesn’t care about what they are doing to the Universe that God created, why would God care about them?! Just do good and good things comes to you. I am sure the World knows that ! AMEN 🙏

  5. OMG OMG OMG 😲!!!What a JACKSON WANG, LOL 😆 😂 🤣
    Hey man, are you going round a world tour or you’re doing a CONFLICT TOUR?! LOLSSS HAHAHA.

    You was born in CHINA, NOT HONG KONG?
    You shouldn’t says these on your solo tour ,or you will lose millions of FANS EVERYWHERE! What a rascal, grown up baby! HAHAHA 😆 😂 😆


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