Karena Lam and Director Husband, Steve Yuen Kim Wai, Announce Divorce

Rumors were swirling the past few days that award winning Hong Kong-based actress, Karena Lam (林嘉欣), and her director husband, Steve Yuen Kim Wai (袁劍偉), were divorcing. Karena Lam and Steve Yuen were rumored to be divorcing over financial disputes and conflicting opinions on how they should raise their two daughters. It was rumored Karena Lam had already brought their daughters to live in Canada, where she is originally from.

On July 28, Karena Lam posted on social media that she and Steve Yuen are divorcing after 12 years of marriage.

At the pinnacle of Karena Lam’s career in 2010, she revealed she had gotten married to Steve Yuen in Canada and gave birth to their daughter, Kayla, the same year. At the time, Karena Lam was accused of being a third party in Steve Yuen’s marriage. However, Steve Yuen later clarified that him and his ex-wife had already separated in 2006 and when he encountered Karena Lam again in 2008, he was already divorced, emphasizing that Karena Lam did not come between his marriage.

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