Zhang Lun Shuo Vents on Chinese Reality Show “The Real One” for being Labeled as a Kept Man

Zhang Lun Shuo (張倫碩), is known for marrying Christy Chung (鍾麗緹), 12 years his senior in 2016 after being coupled on the Chinese reality dating show《如果爱》also known as “Perhaps Love.”  Their marriage drew a lot of criticism and skeptics due to the age gap and being set up on a reality show.  Even I am surprised they reached the altar given how scripted these reality dating shows are.

On a recent episode of Chinese variety show, “The Real One” (舉杯呵呵喝), Christy and Zhang talked about their marriage and experience with 姐弟戀 (older woman/younger man relationships).  Zhang vented to the hosts about being labeled as a leech and using Christy for her money and fame.  Zhang vehemently denied those claims.  At one point in the show, Zhang pointed at Christy’s direction and shouted “Ask her if I ever spent any of her money?!”  Zhang went on to explain that he used all his savings to buy a six carat diamond ring to propose to Christy proving he never once spent a dime of Christy’s money.

Credit: ETtoday.net

Before being paired with Christy, Zhang was relatively unknown.  Christy was already established before they even met.  Due to this nature, Zhang was often called “Soft Rice King”/軟飯王, “Christy’s Husband”, “Kept Man”, “Just a Pretty Face.”  What really ticked off Zhang was being labeled as a kept man, which was the ultimate insult to him.  Zhang said he could endure all the other insults, but this was the last straw.  

Hopefully the media and netizens can stop criticizing Zhang and Christy and let them live.  The two have been trying to conceive a child for some time now as Christy has already undergone IVF treatments.  Wish them all the luck in their journey! 

Credit: ETtoday.net, SETN.com

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