iKON Lands in Taiwan for Concert

iKON Taiwan Concert

Popular K-Pop boy band, iKON, arrived in Taiwan on the 21st for their second concert.  In addition, they also promoted their new single, “Killing Me,” which was released in August.  To promote the new single, the group had an album signing session with fans.

iKON Shows Off Mandarin

The group also showed off a few typical words K-Pop groups learn to appease fans such as “cute” (可愛) and “baby” (寶貝).  Of course anything they say should melt their fans’ hearts.  Bobby even broke out, “Don’t film!”, confusing the fans.  He explained, “This is not something we say.  I always hear our bodyguard say this, hearing it so often, I slowly learned it.”  

As they’ve been to Taiwan multiple times before, the group said they would venture out to the night markets time permitting.  Member, Yun Hyeong, said he wants to try street food prompting Jin Hwan to ask the reporters for recommendations.  But when B.I heard the infamous “stinky tofu”, he exclaimed, “I don’t have the courage, this [stinky tofu] is too foreign to me.” Jin Hwan said he would promise to try it.  

When asked what songs they want to gift the Taiwanese fans, B.I quickly replied, “Long Time No See”, whereas Jin Hwan suggested, “Bad Man”.  B.I quickly told the fans to ignore him and that he got the wrong idea.  

Perhaps the group was tired after the fan signing session, as it was evident the group didn’t have much energy when doing the interview.  They still tried their best to answer their questions.  Jun Hoe recited his poems, while B.I introduced their new song and invited the media to their concert to see what surprise they are giving their fans.  

Credit: UDN Stars, Mirror Media

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