Hawick Lau Denies Knowing Wealthy Female Who Spread the Divorce Rumors

Hawick Lau Yang Britney

The headlines in the past two days are the rumors spreading around Hawick Lau and Yang Mi’s marriage based on a post from a wealthy netizen, named Britney.  A picture of the two was also shared when she visited Hawick on set.  The two stars have never directly commented on the rumors.  

A Look at Hawick Lau and Yang Mi’s Seven Year Relationship

Hawick Lau and Yang Mi Announce Divorce

 Hawick Lau and Yang Mi Rumored to Have Divorced Two Years Ago, Busty and Wealthy Female Visits Hawick on Set

Hawick’s employee from his studio responded to Oriental Daily News regarding the rumors, “Hawick doesn’t know this woman.  That picture was from filming.  One of the film’s investor brought her to the set to visit, hoping for a picture.  Hawick agreed to it.  The two have no contact whatsoever.  We don’t know why she would go on social media spreading such baseless rumors without thinking of the consequences.  When we went to confirm the posts, she had already deleted them.  I guess she felt guilty.”

Even though Hawick has already announced he doesn’t know Britney, the divorce rumors aren’t going to stop here.  Sources say the two are a power couple when it comes to earning money.  It has been said, before the divorce rumors started last year, the two had signed a lot of endorsement deals.  To maintain their loving image, they don’t respond to any rumors of marital issues.  Even when each of them had rumors with another co-star, there wasn’t much reaction from either party.  Just when Hawick was allegedly rumored to have relations with co-star, Angel Wang, Yang Mi came out and said she trusted her husband.  How long can this “contractual relationship” last? 

Credit: hk.on.cc