Kevin Cheng and Grace Chan Attend Milan Fashion Week as a Couple

Kevin Cheng and Grace Chan Attend Milan Fashion Week as a Couple

The “father-daughter” couple, Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎) and Grace Chan (陳凱琳), coined by the press due to Kevin being 22 years older than Grace, had their first outing together as a married couple in Italy at Milan Fashion week.  Also in attendance were Hong Kong actress, Michelle Wai (衛詩雅) and Chinese actress, Sandra Ma (馬思純).

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Kevin was in good spirits and shared, “I’ve never been to Milan.  This is our first time working together as newlyweds.  The feeling is very different.  When asked if he wants to walk the runway, Kevin said, “I’ve never thought about it.  I’ve actually been to a fashion show in Paris before, but I haven’t tried walking the runway.  If someone dares to look for me, I will be willing to try it!” 

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Grace did a mini interview with a reporter and was greeted with, “We like seeing you two show PDA.”  Grace, a little embarrassed, was modest in saying, “Not too much, I know everyone will get bored.”  When asked where they will be visiting and honeymoon plans, Grace responded, “No time for honeymoon yet, but this time we went everywhere and let me tell everyone a secret.  We came to Italy to eat Japanese food.  Because the first couple of days, we had a lot of pasta.  We couldn’t stand it anymore and set to look for our noodle soup.  So this is my tiny secret for everyone.”

To the single people, don’t worry if you haven’t found the right one, that’s because they’re not born yet!

Credit:, Grace Chan IG