J. Sheon Performs Chinese R&B Rendition of Charlie Puth’s See You Again

J. Sheon VeeGee Sing Out C-Pop

Underrated Taiwanese R&B singer, J. Sheon, has a voice that hasn’t really been prevalent or popular in the Chinese music industry, whether it be Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Singapore, or Malaysia.  While C-Pop might be ubiquitously used to represent all genres, slow jams and mainstream pop music are really the epitome of C-Pop.  That’s why it’s difficult nowadays to survive as a singer in the entertainment industry without including a slash to your resume, that is “singer/actor/dancer/host/variety show guest.” 

Only a handful of Chinese/Taiwanese/Hong Kong pop stars can really choose to focus on being just a singer and still survive.  The market is just too saturated with talented singers, but perhaps it’s the industry itself that hasn’t matured to take risks and be the conduit that allows people to explore different types of “popular music” that isn’t just typical K-Pop/J-Pop copycats, emotional ballads, or packaged idols that can even sing live. 

Thanks to the rise of singing competitions and reality shows in China, the market has never been big enough for musicians from traditionally unpopular music genres to come into the light and strut their stuff.

J. Sheon was born and raised in Taiwan.  He moved to New York for 8 years after high school.  With his mind set on music, he decided to take a leap of faith and return to Taiwan to pursue his dream.  This year, he joined new Chinese singing reality show, “Sing Out” (这就是歌唱·对唱季), where contestants perform duets.  In the latest episode that aired last week, J. Sheon performs Charlie Puth’s iconic “See You Again,” with his teammate, “Veegee” (徐文洁).  In their rendition, they demonstrate how Chinese singers can actually have depth and range in their voices and that singers with these type of talents can incorporate elements from “unpopular” music genres with popular music. 

Watch their performance here: 

Credit: Wikipedia, Youku Official Youtube Channel