Wang Leehom Gets Mistaken for Andy Lau in China

Wang Leehom Andy Lau Wuhan Lookalike

Taiwanese musical genius, Wang Leehom, (王力宏) was at the Wuhan Media and Communication College in Wuhan, China yesterday to promote his new movie, “Legend of the Ancient Sword“ (古剑奇谭之流月昭明).  Leehom was well received by everyone and interacted with the crowd a lot.  When it came time to leave the event, Leehom livestreamed the crowd seeing him off.  As Leehom is waving to the crowd from his car, there are people screaming “Andy Lau!” (劉德華) and “華仔”, Andy’s nickname.  

Now Leehom and Andy Lau are two mega Asian celebrities that should easily be recognizable and distinguishable from each other.  Both are household names in China.  Either those kids were drunk, high, or idiots to think Leehom was Andy Lau.  In the end, it’s still a compliment to be recognized for being a mega star like Andy Lau.  

Thankfully, Leehom was a good sport and didn’t get mad.  He even went to his Weibo and posted the livestream clip showing the fans calling him Andy Lau.  He added a caption saying, “Yesterday night, I was Andy Lau.”  

Watch the clip here:

Credit: Apple Daily, Wang Leehom’s Weibo