Darren Chen of 2018 Meteor Garden Remake Not Worried About Comparisons to Vic Zhou

F4 2018 Meteor Garden Darren Chen Moncler Macau Event

Taiwanese rising actor, Darren Chen (官鴻), got popular through his portrayal of “Hua Zelei” in the 2018 Chinese remake of “Meteor Garden” (流星花園).  Yesterday, the actor was invited to Macau to attend a promotional event for Moncler.  He expressed this was his first time working in Macau and hopes to visit the popular tourist destination, “Ruins of St. Paul’s.”  Darren Chen proclaims he’s single and doesn’t have any special requirements for a girlfriend.  He believes he will meet someone who makes his heart flutter, even if that person is a foreigner, he doesn’t mind because he can speak Chinese and English.

Darren Chen Responds to Criticisms about His Acting in “The Sleuth of the Ming Dynasty”

When asked if he was scared of being compared to F4 member, Vic Zhou (周渝民), who was the first to portray “Hua Zelei” in the original “Meteor Garden,” he says, “No, I won’t, because what we do is different.  As long as the end product is good, I’ll be satisfied.  Knowing that the audience would be anticipating the series, I was very stressed.  Later on, it became my inspiration.”  As for China’s “salary ban”, he says he doesn’t understand the situation and he’s only focused on work.  Darren Chen also says, “I’m most concerned about my own progress.  As of now, there hasn’t been a reduction in work.” 

Credit: Ming Pao, Darren Chen Weibo

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