Xu Kai Cried Repeatedly When Hai Lan Cha Delivered Fu Heng’s Last Words to Wei Ying Luo

Story of Yanxi Palace Xu Kai Wu Jinyan Fu Heng Wei Ying Luo

Popular Qing palace themed drama, “Story of Yanxi Palace” (延禧攻略), has finally concluded airing in Hong Kong on October 6th.  The drama is so popular in Hong Kong that it reached over 38 points in ratings, something TVB hasn’t achieved with their own series in a long time.  It has gotten so extreme that there were supposed viewers who asked for time off work because they were so sad about the ending and cried profusely, they couldn’t make it to work.

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In the last episode, we find out Fu Heng (傅恆), played by Xu Kai (許凱), dies in the battlefield, but was able to find an antidote in time to treat Wei Ying Luo’s (魏瓔珞) poison.  Good friend, Hai Lan Cha (海蘭察), played by Lawrence Wong (王冠逸), delivers the antidote and the news to Wei Ying Luo, played by Wu Jinyan (吳謹言), and remits the following message from the deceased Fu Heng to her: “Wei Ying Luo, I’ve already protected you enough in this lifetime.  In the next lifetime, can we switch to you protecting me?”  Wei Ying Luo responds back while tearing, “Okay, I promise you.”

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Story of Yanxi Palace Xu Kai Wu Jinyan Fu Heng Wei Ying Luo Death
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Xu Kai was interviewed about this epic sad scene and revealed, “I feel they are very heartbroken.  When I watched it myself, I cried so much.  Watching it so many times really touched me and made me cry so many times.  I can only say thank you to everyone.  Even though the ending was sad, but I feel Fu Heng has fulfilled his wish.  I hope the audience recognizes they are successful.”  

Many fans hope to see the couple in a prequel or sequel that will finally let the two have a happy ending.   

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4 thoughts on “Xu Kai Cried Repeatedly When Hai Lan Cha Delivered Fu Heng’s Last Words to Wei Ying Luo

  1. I watched it here in the Philippines everyday. I feel so sad and a bit of disappointment because for me.. Fu heng and wei ling wo should be together in the end after all the hardships. 😭😭😭😭

    1. I feel so much better now that in true life he had 4 sons n did have a wife n maybe concubines cos his wife only gave him 1 son. So happy he had some women that loved n cherished him in real life. I cried so many times too……would hate to live their life during that period. 😢

  2. Hai lan cha delivered it well. I can hear fu hengs voice when he’s speaking. I watched it a hundred times but still cry. 😭😭😭

  3. Could you please tell Xu Kai as well as the writers that my heart and lungs pained so much while the eyes were full with tears rolling down at his last message delivery? It somewhat made me happy to hear Xu Kai, the actor, himself cried so much…thank you for having such a benevolent heart.

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