Xu Kai Urges Fans to Move On from the “FuYing” Couple

Xu Kai Urges Fans to Move On from the "FuYing" Couple

Xu Kai’s (许凯) new Chinese costume drama, “The Legends” (招摇) with actress, Bai Lu (白鹿), is currently airing in China to rave reviews. Bai Lu and Xu Kai, who have been entangled in dating rumors before, also play lovers in the series. In the latest trailer, it shows the two in intimate positions, making it trending topic on the Weibo hot search list. Many fans are now rooting for this new reel couple, labeled “YaoLan CP.”

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Xu Kai shot to fame through his role as “Fu Heng” (傅恆) for his undying love for “Wei Ying Luo” (魏瓔珞), played by Wu Jinyan (吳謹言), in the 2018 drama, “Story of Yanxi Palace” (延禧攻略). Because of their unhappy ending in the series, many fans have been rooting for the “FuYing CP” to have another chance at love in another series. Some fans even ship them to be a couple in real life. However, Xu Kai had the following to say about the “FuYing CP,” “I think fans really like “FuYing.” All I can say is that their romance is already in the past. Filming this series, I am always getting jealous, because I am too deep into character.”

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Xu Kai also shares “Li Chen Lan” (厲塵瀾) is much sadder than “Fu Heng” because him and Bai Lu are supposed to have a happy ending, but through some sabotage from other characters along the way, he ends up hurting Bai Lu’s character often. All this has made Xu Kai heave and sigh, “It’s so tiring!” It sounds like Xu Kai is doing his job in promoting this current CP since the series is airing right now.

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Fans have also given Xu Kai the nickname, “Heng Dian’s #1 Singer and Dancer.” When asked if he were to become a trainee on “Idol Producer 2,” which group would be he belong to? Xu Kai then asks the interviewer which is the best group and which is the worst. Then he says, “Then I’ll choose F. I might be disqualified immediately once I go on stage.” He admits he doesn’t have much coordination and hopes to study more dancing and singing.

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