Grace Chan Resumes Working After Giving Birth Less than Two Weeks Ago

Grace Chan Resumes Working After Giving Birth Less than Two Weeks Ago Instagram2_02.28.19

New mom, Grace Chan (陳凱琳), who gave birth on Valentine’s Day to son, Rafael, has already resumed working. She attended an event on the 27th and from the looks of it, she gained weight in all the right places. Grace Chan, who grew up in Canada, doesn’t seem to be closely following the customs of the “confinement period” for her postnatal care. Aside from leaving the house before the thirty day “confinement period” is up, Grace Chan has already broke a few of the “confinement month” customs such as wearing a short sleeve shirt in a recent picture. She has also seemingly washed her hair, which new mothers are not advised to do during the confinement month.

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When talking about baby Rafael, Grace Chan happily reveals he looks a lot like his father, Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎). She also revealed they have already given him a Chinese name, 鄭承悅 (Cheng Shing Yuet). As for breastfeeding, Grace Chan says she enjoys it as it lets her bond with Rafael. When asked why she decided to resume working before her “confinement period” was up, Grace Chan reveals, “Even though there are netizens who ask if I am in need of money, but the truth is I am just doing this for fun. I feel like my condition is okay. I did discuss this with my husband before deciding to attend the function. He thought it was okay, too. I am able to see everyone and report that I am healthy. I also hope everyone will respect my decision. In fact, after the event, I am quickly returning home to rest.”

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Grace Chan also reveals she chose to give birth via C-section Valentine’s Day. Kevin Cheng was by her side throughout the whole process. The also joked that when Rafael grows up, he can use the excuse of his birthday being on Valentine’s Day to ask a girl out on a date.

Credit:, Grace Chan IG

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