Grace Chan Has Acting Breakthrough in First Film “Keyboard Warriors”, Curses at Stephy Tang in New Movie

Grace Chan Stephy Tang Keyboard Warriors Movie

TVB actress and the newly wed Mrs. Cheng, Grace Chan (陳凱琳), is starring in her first film, “Keyboard Warriors (起底組),” which includes Stephy Tang (鄧麗欣).  Grace Chan has a breakthrough in this film as she is playing a very different character than what she is normally used to at TVB.  There is a scene in the film where she is arguing with Stephy Tang and she suddenly curses at her, breaking her good girl image.  

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Grace Chan says, “I’ve never portrayed such a bad character before.  Although I don’t know if the audience can accept it, but I decided to let it all out.”  Her character is money grubbing, likes name brands, and playing stocks.  Due to her nature, this leads to her and Stephy Tang constantly fighting over money.  In one scene, the two are fighting in the streets with Stephy Tang yelling at Grace Chan for willing to be a beer girl for money.  The two go at it very intensely and Stephy is seen with a face full of tears. 

Grace Chan was thankful for working with Stephy Tang and doesn’t mind cursing for the film.  She reveals, “The audience is smart enough to differentiate between reel and real.  Working with Stephy Tang for the first time, the feeling is very intriguing.  I learned a lot rehearsing lines with her.  She also took the initiative to teach me.  Once we took our places, we immediately hit it off.  Facing her now, I can get into character in a second.”

As for Stephy Tang, she says she hardly ever argues with people.  She also says the arguing scenes this time felt like fighting scenes, requiring a lot of energy.  After finishing the shoot, it was very tiring.  

Watch the trailer and go to 0:39 to see Grace Chan curse:

Credit: 起底組Keyboard Warriors Youtube Channel, hk.on.ccKeyboard Warriors Movie Facebook

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