Xu Kai Creates Funny Mistake Signing an Autograph

Xu Kai Autograph Wrong Characters Weibo

The media and netizens just can’t get enough of Chinese actor, Xu Kai (許凱), famous for portraying Fu Heng (傅恒) in “Story of Yanxi Palace” (延禧攻略).  Xu Kai had a string of negative news and rumors ever since he rose to fame.  He is in the headlines again, but finally for something positive.  

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Xu Kai had an autograph session in China recently.  Many fans went to see their idol to get his signature.  However, one fan betrayed Xu Kai and shared his autograph online, which shows that he wrote the second and third character of the fan’s name incorrectly.  The name should’ve been, “Ma La Tang” (麻辣燙), but he wrote, “Ma Xin Tang” (麻辛湯).”  The fan also revealed Xu Kai paused for a minute before writing the second character.  As for the third character, he told the fan to add a few more strokes to make it correct.  

When Xu Kai caught wind of the fan’s post, he reflected on his mistakes.  He uploaded a picture on Weibo of him copying “Ma La Tang” (麻辣燙) over and over again.  However, some fans criticized his handwriting, while some defended Xu Kai for not knowing the characters due to the use of cell phones nowadays and not remembering the characters in the spur of the moment.  Looks like Xu Kai has to add this to his list of things to do! 

Xu Kai Autograph Punishment Weibo
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3 thoughts on “Xu Kai Creates Funny Mistake Signing an Autograph

  1. Truly disgusted! They should come to
    US and see how actors, actresses, and famous ppl behave. At least Xu Kai tried to write her name and be appreciative for her time. Many will just sign their name and flick these fans out the way.

    This is unnecessary abuse to defame him. She should be ashamed of her behavior and get a life.

    So proud of him for doing this. Honestly Xu Kai, don’t put your time and energy on fake fan like that one. Keep up the great work and don’t let all these loser/ fake fan get the best of you.

  2. How extra and unnecessary of her. Everyone seems to be pushing Xu kai to a corner especially with all the physical abuse which he publicly claimed he never did even though he did agree to having had fights with his ex. All is well till idols start acting like normal human beings.

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