Was Xu Kai Playing Basketball with a Mystery Female?

Xu Kai Playing Basketball

Rising Chinese actor, Xu Kai (許凱), of “Story of Yanxi Palace” (延禧攻略) fame can’t seem to catch a break lately.  The rumors started from him battering his ex-girlfriend, to staying over at a rumored girlfriend’s place, to putting up a front at the Hong Kong airport, and now playing basketball with a female.

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The actor shared a short clip of him and another male friend playing 1 on 1 basketball at night.  He also included this caption with the video: “Went for a walk, played some basketball, then my leg cramped up.”

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Click on the picture to see the clip: 

Credit: Xu Kai Weibo

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When he makes a shot, there is a seemingly female voice that goes “Woo!” at the end of the clip.  Of course this rattled many of his fans asking who was the female screaming.  They suspected the female voice was the one filming the video.  I guess this garnered so much attention that Xu Kai had to post a reply to say the voice belonged to a man to appease his fans.  

Credit: hk.on.ccMrs_锦姑娘Xu Kai Weibo

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  1. its normal for people to have a relationship with opposite sex. specially the age of xu kai now. his old enough to even have married already. u will get worried and ashamed if his into same sex relationship.? ask ur selves. a normal human being has its own privacy of life. dont criticize xu kai coz of this small issue. just admire his looks and good nature character of a person.

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