Xu Kai’s Past Dug Up by Netizens Again

Xu Kai Fu Heng Story of Yanxi Palace Plastic Surgery

It seems Chinese actor Xu Kai (許凱), who portrayed “Fu Heng” (傅恒) from the popular series, “Story of Yanxi Palace” (延禧攻略), can’t catch a break.  He has been in the headlines and under media scrutiny lately for good and bad reasons.  They say once you’re famous, all your skeletons come to haunt you.  Xu Kai’s past has been dug up by netizens, ranging from allegations of domestic abuse brought up by an ex-girlfriend to even getting plastic surgery.

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Old pictures of Xu Kai before he joined the entertainment industry were shared online recently.  One set of photos were from a modeling competition he joined at 18.  Some netizens are saying there are differences from before and now.  There are speculations Xu Kai had double eyelid surgery as his eyes look different in his old pictures.

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Xu Kai had revealed on a recent interview that he actually has hooded double eyelids (內雙), but they somehow naturally turned into outer double eyelids (外雙).  He explained, “When I sleep, my eyes would especially itch.  Around sophomore or junior year in high school, I started rubbing my eyes and it became like this.”  When the host asked if he’s ever had plastic surgery, Xu Kai responds, “No, because I am afraid of needles.  On time I had a fever, my manager told me to go to the hospital and get a shot.  I wouldn’t go even if it killed me.  I went for medicine instead.”

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Aside from the plastic surgery allegations, his supposed former classmate revealed Xu Kai was a heavy smoker, comes from a comfortable family, and also had a nickname, “Mosquito” in elementary school.  

Credit: hk.on.cc, Chinatimes.com, Xuan.com.my

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  1. Xu kai has not smoked
    . Or did any sort of drug abuse
    . Without any absolute evidence it cannot be believed

  2. Go xu kai! we believe in you i always pray for your health happiness and good career always do what is right and pray always…..

  3. True fans of Xu Kai will always love and support him all the way. As the lyrics of the song goes ” let’s not bring the past back anymore”. We, the fans of Xu Kai will always be on his side through thick and thin!

    (I am representing the Million fans of Xu Kai from Philippines)

  4. His job is an actor and he can do it very well so why do I have to Be interested in his past or personal life?No just focus on his hard work as an actor.

    1. Yes I’ll do the same FOCUS Now we Love and will continue to like Xu Kai❤

    1. It is definitely possible for inner double eyelids to grow into outer double eyelids during puberty.

      For some people, this change is not permanent and their eyelids revert to their original state during the day (I’ve heard it had something to do with water retention in the face) whereas for other people it becomes permanent.

      However, we won’t know for sure if that really happened to him or if he’s just using it as an excuse to hide behind.

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