Karry Wang Junkai Offends Alec Su With Comments About His Height

TFBoys Karry Wang Junkai Alec Su Height Chinese Restaurant 2

TFBoys’ leader, Karry Wang Junkai (王俊凯), is in the hot seat after offending Taiwanese actor, Alec Su (蘇有朋) on a recent episode of Chinese variety show, “Chinese Restaurant 2” (中餐厅2).  Karry Wang, who just celebrated his 19th birthday, reveals his growing height on episode 11.  A comment he made towards Alec Su got everyone laughing, but elicited an even better comeback from Chinese singer, Pax Congo (白举纲).

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The group was sitting outside and the sun was shining on Karry Wang.  Pax Congo offered to switch sweats with Karry Wang out of kindness, while saying he hopes to grow taller by absorbing more calcium from the sun.  Karry Wang, then makes a slight joke at Pax Congo saying, “You better surpass me as soon as possible!”  Pax Congo then says, “We’re the same height!”.  Karry Wang then says he’s taller than Pax by 1cm.  Pax Congo asks Karry Wang how tall he is, which he says he is 178 cm.  Pax Congo then reveals he is also 178 cm (~5’10”) tall, but Karry Wang exposes Pax Congo saying, “I don’t know who earlier revealed to me in the car that he thought he was 178 cm, but after a physical, he was only 177 cm (~5’9″) tall, shrinking a cm.  I don’t know who told me this.”  Pax Congo says, “Anyway, I still think I am 178 cm.” 

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However, actress Vicki Zhao (赵薇) instigates the matter and drags her former co-star, Alec Su into the conversation.  Vicki Zhao says, “Don’t mention height in front of Brother Alec.”  (Alec is 173 cm (~5’8″)).  Karry Wang then seriously says, “Brother Alec is quite tall.  I think Brother Alec is really quite tall.”  However, Karry Wang delivers a zinger next, “I think being this tall at this age is already…”  Thankfully, a man of Alec’s stature (no pun intended) doesn’t get easily offended.  He says, “The most important thing to men is not height.  Really!”  Before he could continue, Pax Congo delivers a zinger of his own and says, “It is a strong heart.”  This elicited a fiery response from Alec Su saying, “Do you know how to have a conversation?”  Karry Wang could only laugh and shake Alec Su’s hand to apologize.

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Check out the hilarious scene at 43:56:

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