Karry Wang Junkai Defends His Fans After Being Scolded by Traveler at Airport

Karry Wang Junkai Defends His Fans After Being Scolded by Traveler at Airport

It has become a common thing for Asian fans to chase after their idols at airports when they are landing or flying out.  However, when there are a lot of fans at the airport, it gets out of control and it becomes a security hazard for the star and the fans themselves.  There was a recent clip online that surfaced on Weibo showing madness at an airport.  A lot of fans were  fighting each other to take pictures of their idol, Karry Wang Junkai (王俊凯) of TFBoys.  It must’ve gotten chaotic as an older gentleman started shouting to the fans, “Leave, hurry up and leave!  We need to board the plane! We won’t make it!”  At this moment, Karry Wang Junkai immediately turned to the older gentleman and said, “Are we not leaving?”, defending his fans from the traveler’s remarks.  

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Watch the exchange here: http://t.cn/ELing02

Some fans were trying to explain there was someone in the front that tripped, which caused the blockage in the walkway.  Once the clip went viral on Weibo, a lot of netizens felt fans picking up artists at the airport was too chaotic and made it very inconvenient for other travelers.  Luckily, no one got hurt as there have been previous incidents of rabid fans who end up injuring their idols trying to get a glimpse of them at the airport.  

Credit: ETtoday.net, Karry Wang Junkai Weibo