Etta Ng Announces Marriage with Canadian Girlfriend, Andi, Plans to Settle Down in Hong Kong

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Elaine Ng’s (吳綺莉) 19 year old daughter, Etta Ng (吳卓林), announced she was married with her 31 year old Canadian girlfriend, Andi on Instagram today.  The newlyweds registered their marriage in Toronto and got married on November 8.  The two arrived back in Hong Kong on November 24.  Etta Ng also posted a lengthy post in English saying they will settle down in Hong Kong as she says “My home is Hong Kong.”, even though they opened a work studio in Canada.  It was rumored the they owed two months worth of back rent, which is why the two are moving back to Hong Kong.  

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Etta Ng also says she has been in contact with her mother.  When asked if she would be living with her mother again, Etta Ng replied in English, “Who knows? It’s crazy world, eh?”  When asked if they would go back to Canada? Etta Ng says, “I’ll see where life takes me.  I don’t know.  I have options.”  According to Elaine Ng, it was Etta Ng who reached out to her mother’s manager.  Elaine Ng says, “She didn’t contact me.  She only found my manager.  I will agree to reasonable requests, so thats why I told my manager to book their plane tickets back to Hong Kong.” 

Ming Pao Daily also brought up the incident where Etta Ng was searching for her estranged father, Jackie Chan, when she was in Canada.  When asked if she was successful in searching for Jackie Chan, Etta Ng responds, “That’s a funny story that I will have to tell another day.  It’s too long for this walk.”  On whether she changed her last name from “Wu to “Zen” after Jackie Chan, as seen on her Instagram account, Etta Ng says, “No, it has nothing to do with him.  Just my own liking.”  When asked if she has been in contact with Jackie Chan or her brother, Jaycee Chan (房祖名), Etta Ng says, “I don’t know anyone.”

Credit:, Ming Pao (1, 2)

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