Alec Su Raps about Karry Wang Junkai’s Dad in Debut Episode of “Produce Camp 2019”

Alec Su Raps about Karry Wang Junkai's Dad in Debut Episode of Produce Camp 2019

Taiwanese celebrity, Alec Su (苏有朋), who is 46 this year, wowed the kiddies in the debut episode of “Produce Camp 2019” (创造营2019). Each mentor performed their hit songs, but Alec Su really impressed everyone when he performed a remix of Little Tigers’ (小虎隊) hit song, “Green Apple Paradise” (青蘋果樂園). Alec Su debuted as the youngest member of the Taiwanese trio group, Little Tiger, with fellow Taiwanese actor, Nicky Wu (吳奇隆), before splitting up and rising to fame through “Return of the Pearl Princess” (還珠格格).

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Alec Su’s performance got the crowd going when he started rapping. Not only did he have part in writing the lyrics, but he also showed the kiddies this 40+ year old grandpa still got it going on. After the episode aired, Alec Su started trending in Weibo because of a line in the rap lyrics: “Wang Junkai (王俊凱) says his father is actually my fan!” The lyric got a lot of netizens talking about it, so Alec Su posted an explanation on Weibo saying that TFBoys’ Karry Wang Junkai had already seen the lyric and gave the approval before the performance. Alec Su also clarified that Karry Wang has never said this and also thanked him for lending his father for the performance. Karry Wang Junkai was a good sport about it and left a comment on the post saying, “But my dad really is your fan.” with an emoji.

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Alec Su’s performance:

Aaron Kwok’s performance:

Stanley Huang’s performance:

Tiger Hu’s performance:

Tencent is pretty gutsy deciding to debut the show on the same night as the “Idol Producer 2” finale. However, “Produce Camp 2019” still got a lot of publicity with quite a few topics trending on the Weibo Hot List despite airing at the same time as the “Idol Producer 2” finale. This is probably due to the lower interest in the second season as it was evident in the total votes of each of the top 9. Li Wenhan, who debuted in the #1 spot only got a little over 8.54 million votes.

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