Fan Bingbing Finally Admits to Tax Evasion Scandal, Posts Formal Apology Letter on Weibo

Fan Bingbing Finally Admits to Tax Evasion Scandal, Posts Formal Apology Letter on Weibo

Chinese actress, Fan Bingbing (范冰冰), along with her companies, were investigated by the government in June of this year for alleged tax evasion and fraud crimes.  The actress has been missing from the public eye for over three months until she appeared online on Weibo during her 37th birthday, which was on September 16th.  Fan Bingbing finally addressed the public today, October 3, in a formal apology letter that she penned and posted on Weibo.

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China’s State Administration of Taxation reported today that their investigation into Fan Bingbing and her companies’ accounts have concluded.  The tax bureau has stated they will be going after Fan Bingbing in the amount of 884 million RMB for back taxes, late payment fees, and fines.  Because this is Fan Bingbing’s first offense, the tax bureau will not be pursuing criminal charges, therefore escaping any prison time.  If Fan Bingbing doesn’t pay the dues and fines on time, the tax bureau will get the police involved.  The State Administration of Taxation has also urged employees of film and television companies involved in similar dealings to surrender before the end of this year.

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According to the Xinhua News Agency, the official state-run news agency of China, Fan Bingbing was caught with the film “Air Strike” (大轟炸), in which she only makes a special appearance.  It is said she got paid 30 million RMB for her role.  Of the 30 million, only 10 million was reported for taxes.  The remaining 20 million was split into several smaller contracts that allowed her to profit the earnings without reporting taxes.  

Plans for Return

In her long apology letter, Fan Bingbing admits to the wrongdoing regarding the tax crimes she and her companies have been charged with.  She apologizes to the public, friends and family, and her fans for setting a bad example and causing pain to her country.  Fan Bingbing also says she accepts the verdict, any punishment, and will fully cooperate with the tax bureau to repay all the back taxes, late payment fees, and fines.  She expressed she will abide by the law completely, follow all the rules, and produce the best works for everybody in the future, hinting she will return to the entertainment industry.

Credit: Apple Daily (1, 2), Fan Bingbing Weibo