Friend Proves Fan Bingbing and Li Chen are Still Together

Fan Bingbing Li Chen Birthday

Chinese actress, Fan Bingbing (范冰冰), has been missing from the public eye for over 100 days since her tax evasion scandal in June.  She “appeared” briefly on Weibo on her birthday, but many speculate it was someone from her team, not her that logged on.  Her boyfriend, Li Chen (李晨), was also under scrutiny on her birthday, to see if he would shower her with loving birthday messages like he has done previously. 

Li Chen Rumored to be Dating Singaporean Heiress

Fan Bingbing and Li Chen Reunited After Announcing Break Up 3 Days Later

Fan Bingbing and Li Chen Announce Break Up

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Fan Bingbing Finally Admits to Tax Evasion Scandal, Posts Formal Apology Letter on Weibo

Fan Bingbing Appears in Public Since Admitting to Tax Scandal

Since it was rather quiet on Bingbing’s birthday, many speculated Li Chen and her broke up due to the scandal, leading to many hateful comments from netizens. Bingbing’s good friend, Christopher Bu (卜柯文), who couldn’t bare the rumors going around, stepped up to defend the couple.  Christopher shared a screenshot of a friend’s social circle from Weibo, with the user name “LC”.  It shows that user LC posted “Happy Birthday” on Sept. 16th, at 5:20 AM, which is Bingbing’s 37th birthday.  

LC is Li Chen

Fan Bingbing “Appears” After 3 Months of Inactivity 

Li Chen Shows Support for Fan Bingbing Publicly and Privately

Christopher points out “LC” is really Li Chen.  He intentionally chose to post it at “5:20” to represent “520”, a Chinese slang that is said to sound like “I Love You” (我愛你) in Mandarin, to Bingbing.  Christopher’s post says, “As their friend, I really can’t stand it anymore.  They decided to celebrate her birthday in private this year.  What is wrong with that? Every year, their birthday is very joyous and we give them our blessings.  As their friends, this year is no different.  Not posting it on Weibo is because they don’t want to hear nasty comments.  I didn’t think certain people would take this as an opportunity to maliciously interpret the situation.” 

It seems Li Chen and Fan Bingbing are still going strong.

Credit: Ming Pao, Christopher Bu’s Weibo