Fan Bingbing Appears in Public Since Admitting to Tax Scandal

Fan Bingbing Appears in Beijing For First Time Since Scandal

Chinese actress, Fan Bingbing (范冰冰), was finally seen in public for the first time ever since admitting to the tax evasion scandal.  Ever since the news got out about her being investigated for tax fraud, many rumors circulated about her being detained or under house arrest.  She wasn’t seen in public or social media during the three month long investigation until yesterday.  

Fan Bingbing and Li Chen Reunited After Announcing Break Up 3 Days Later

Fan Bingbing and Li Chen Announce Break Up

Fan Bingbing Finally Admits to Tax Evasion Scandal, Posts Formal Apology Letter on Weibo

As reported by Sina Entertainment, Fan Bingbing was seen at the Beijing Capital International Airport on October 15th.  She was seen coming out of a building with her head down, dressed in black from head to toe, wearing a cap and sunglasses.  She also had bodyguards surrounding her with one using an umbrella to block her focus from paparazzi, which was an epic fail because they still got a good shot of her.  There was no expression on her face as she quickly walked out of a building.  

Li Chen Shows Support for Fan Bingbing Publicly and Privately

Since the conclusion of her investigation, Fan Bingbing had issued an apology letter addressed to her fans and the public on the 3rd.  Under the deal made with the tax bureau, she has to repay over 884 million RMB in back taxes, late fees, and penalties.  However, her fiancé, Li Chen, has showed his support for the actress since she admitted to the wrongdoing.  

Credit:,, Fan Bingbing Weibo

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