Takuya Kimura’s Daughter, Kōki, Has Captured the Hearts of the Hong Kong Media, Waits in Line to Buy Eggettes

Takuya Kimura Daughter Koki Chanel Beauty Event in Hong Kong

Popular Japanese celebrity, Takuya Kimura, has successfully passed the torch to his daughter, Kōki.  She landed in Hong Kong yesterday, but the media frenzy around the teen model can level up to her famous father.  Kōki is in Hong Kong to attend a promotional event for Chanel Beauty.  At the event, she spoke to the media in English and she displayed grace, calmness, and a level of maturity uncommon for someone her age.  

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Takuya Kimura’s Daughter, Kōki, Following Her Father’s Footsteps

Although Kōki declined any interviews, she did reveal a bit through the PR representative.  When asked where she wanted to go in Hong Kong, she revealed, “If there is time, I would like to go to the Peak.  I want to see Hong Kong’s landscape and the “Symphony of Lights.”  This city is full of vigor and passion.  I can feel the city and the people’s energy, making me want to explore even more.”  

Kōki was not kidding when she said she wanted to explore the city.  She uploaded an Instagram story of her waiting in line to buy eggettes, a local street food.  It doesn’t get any more local than this.  

Credit: Kōki IG

Credit: Apple Daily, Kōki IG