Li Chen Shows Support for Fan Bingbing Publicly and Privately

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Now that the Fan Bingbing (范冰冰) tax evasion scandal has seemingly come to an end, her fiancé, Li Chen (李晨), has come out to show his support for the actress.  Ever since Fan Bingbing was rumored to have been arrested by the authorities on suspicions of tax evasion and fraud, the actor has been silent on social media and remained low-key.  His last post on Weibo was from July 6th.  

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Fan Bingbing and Li Chen Reunited After Announcing Break Up 3 Days Later

Fan Bingbing and Li Chen Announce Break Up

“No matter how hard, we will both go through it together.”  

When Xinhua News Agency reported on October 3rd the investigation into Fan Bingbing for tax evasion officially concluded, she went to Weibo and addressed an apology letter to the public.  Li Chen has now also come out on Weibo today and posted the following, without addressing anything or anyone specific, “No matter how hard, we will both go through it together.”  In addition to this post, a netizen discovered a person by the alias “LC”, assuming to be Li Chen, also showed his support through the WeChat function, “Friend’s Circle”, “Add Oil, Fan Bingbing!” 

Fan Bingbing Appears in Public Since Admitting to Tax Scandal

Li Chen Fan Bingbing WeChat Add Oil
Li Chen’s message to Fan Bingbing on WeChat’s “Friend’s Circle” 
Credit: Weibo

Fan Bingbing Finally Admits to Tax Evasion Scandal, Posts Formal Apology Letter on Weibo

Sina Entertainment also reached out to Li Chen after he publicly showed his support for Fan Bingbing and he replied, “Admitting fault, accepting punishment, it’s positive change.”  Ever since the scandal broke out, Li Chen has received a lot of flack from netizens for being a bad fiancé because he was seen not wearing his engagement ring and also remaining quiet on the situation.  There was even speculation Li Chen had abandoned Fan Bingbing.  However, that suspicion was knocked down by a friend who came out to defend Li Chen for not celebrating Fan Bingbing’s birthday on Weibo.  Sources say Li Chen also had a gag order due to his association with Fan Bingbing, which would explain why he has kept mum on the issue until now.  

Friend Proves Fan Bingbing and Li Chen are Still Together

Fan Bingbing “Appears” After 3 Months of Inactivity

Selling Property to Raise Money?

With Fan Bingbing admitting to the tax evasion scandal, there are rumors she and Li Chen are selling property to raise money to repay her dues to the tax bureau.  It was rumored Li Chen was selling his Beijing “Siheyuan” (四合院) property, which has been said to be a hot commodity.  However, both parties have not commented on these rumors.  

Credit: Apple Daily TW,, Li Chen Weibo