Li Chen Rumored to be Dating Singaporean Heiress

Li Chen Rumored to be Dating Singaporean Heiress

Since Li Chen (李晨) and Fan Bingbing (范冰冰) broke up in April this year, their love lives have been constantly monitored. Three days after announcing their break up, the two were spotted eating together with two other people. Netizens initially thought the two were getting back together or faking the break up. However, they later clarified it was a work meeting and weren’t getting back together.

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There was a time where it was rumored Li Chen lost a lot of weight over his break up with Fan Bingbing. Li Chen’s staff member later clarified he was preparing for a new role and that it was an angle issue, which made him look very thin. At the same time, he was rumored with his co-star Seki Junko (石纯子). Seki Junko was suspected of writing cryptic messages revolving around love that was directed towards Li Chen on Weibo. His work studio later refuted the rumors.

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Li Chen was once rumored with co-star Seki Junko (石纯子).

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Last month, he was rumored to be on a date with actress Wang Xiaochen (王晓晨) to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival. She even posted a picture with Li Chen in their costumes from their new series on Weibo.

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However, Hong Kong media is reporting Li Chen is actually rumored to be dating a Singapore heiress. There is a picture allegedly of Li Chen and the heiress together circulating online. It’s reported the Singapore heiress has an estimated net worth over 250 million USD. Li Chen hasn’t responded to the rumors yet.

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Li Chen Rumored to be Dating Singaporean Heiress

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