Fan Bingbing and Li Chen Reunited After Announcing Break Up 3 Days Later

Fan Bingbing and Li Chen Reunited After Announcing Break Up 3 Days Later

Fan Bingbing (范冰冰)and Li Chen’s (李晨) break up was mostly downplayed as they announced it on the night of June 27th. Earlier that day, netizens were still recovering from the Soong Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo divorce news. In Fan Bingbing and Li Chen’s break up announcement, they both announced they were still “us” and that they still cared for each other. They weren’t lying as after three days of announcing their break up, they were dining together at a Thai restaurant on June 30.

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Even though the two wore caps and mouth masks to hide their identities, Chinese paparazzi still captured the former couple coming out of the restaurant together. When they parted, Li Chen even took her to her car and waved goodbye.

Fan Bingbing and Li Chen Announce Break Up

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As for the pregnancy rumors, Fan Bingbing’s stylist friend, Bu Kewen (卜柯文), posted his conversation with Fan Bingbing about her being pregnant. He said, “Heard you’re pregnant.” Fan Bingbing responds back, “I’m so fat that everyone thinks I am pregnant? But I actually got skinnier! I already lost quite a few pounds lately.” Bu Ke responds back, “You should lose a bit more or else you’ll really become Fatty Bing.” Fan Bingbing wasn’t bothered by the comments and responded, “I’m fat, I’m beautiful!” Bu Ke urges her to lose some more weight while she’s single. Fan Bingbing undeterred said, “Lately, I don’t have to work, I’m not scared. I’m not losing any more! I have more than a month left, I’ll lose more then.”

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Credit:, Weibo (1, 2)