Lokyi Lai Confirms “Who Wants A Baby?” Sequel, Talks Friendship with Ekin Cheng

Lokyi Lai Confirms "Who Wants A Baby?" Sequel, Talks Friendship with Ekin Cheng

TVB actor, Lokyi Lai (黎諾懿), attended a radio show recently to promote his variety show, “A Chef and a Gentleman” (懿想得到). The first episode aired yesterday and the first guest was Ekin Cheng (鄭伊健). Lokyi Lai posted several pictures with Ekin Cheng on his IG and said: “Ekin Cheng to me is a very important brother. From being a senior to a brother in these 10 years, I appreciate you for always supporting and cheering me on all along. I hope this friendship can last forever.”

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Some might wonder how Lokyi Lai and Ekin Cheng became such good friends. It turns out the two had filmed a series years ago and became friends. Lokyi Lai had once mentioned in an interview that because he didn’t have work, his income was so little, he had to live in a subdivided unit. He didn’t have money to buy clothes either. At the time, it was all because of Ekin Cheng’s help. He explains, “At that time, Ekin was already famous. He knew I didn’t have money to buy clothes. He would always tell me to wear his clothes. Because at that time, artists would normally only wear their clothes once or twice. Once reporters have taken pictures, you can’t wear it again, so he told me to take it.”

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Lokyi Lai also revealed his “Who Wants a Baby?” (BB來了) costar, Ali Lee (李佳芯), will also be a guest later in the show. He also revealed he will be filming “Who Wants a Baby 2?” in October. He revealed more about the storyline saying, “This time, even the baby will be from the original cast. The entire cast is returning. The sequel will be 25 episodes long this time. It will continue from the first series. Two years later, our baby is older and is going to school. Problems start to arise over her education and other things.” When asked if he plans to challenge for “Best Actor”, Lokyi Lai jokingly says, “I’ve always challenged for it, but it’s just that no one cares about me every time.”

Credit: Apple Daily, hk.on.cc, IG