Lai Kuanlin Tells Fans How to Address Him

Lai Guanlin Tells Fans How to Address Him

Lai Kuanlin (赖冠霖) uploaded an IG story today explaining to fans how to address him. This might have started when Lai Kuanlin updated his Weibo account name with “Edward.” Many fans were divided and used different nicknames to refer to him. He explained:

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“Hello everyone, I am Lai Kuanlin. I want to share a bit about myself with everyone today. It seems like ever since we’ve known each other, I haven’t had a chance to introduce myself again. Lately, there have been a lot of fans rushing me hoping to have a name for the fans. I am actually very happy everyone is so united, but what I have been considering is that everyone hasn’t been unified either in the nicknames they use to refer to me. That’s why I haven’t been able to unify a big group. Today, I want to explain to everyone from my perspective how I want to be addressed. Let’s first start with the people around me. People I am close with all call me “Little Lai”, “Little Lai Didi (younger brother), “Little Lai Gege” (older brother). As for first time collaborations or first time meeting someone, they will call me Edward. Next is my family, they will call me Eddie. I wish everyone a beautiful July.“

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Lai Kuanlin Tells Fans How to Address Him

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