Lai Kuanlin Vents His Frustration at Fans Picking Him Up at the Airport

Lai Kuanlin Vents His Frustration at Fans Picking Him Up at the Airport

Picking up or sending away celebrities at airports has always been a big part of Asian fan culture. It allows fans to get a glimpse of their idols, especially if they’re not from the same country. There have been many occasions where fans chasing after their idols has turned to chaos at the scene, forcing many idols to take the VIP route. Many celebrities have urged their fans not to follow them to the airport or to at least maintain order so as not to disrupt others. Former Wanna One member, Lai Kuanlin (赖冠霖), was the latest victim of fans crowding him at the airport, which resulted him to vent his frustrations against fans.

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Lai Kuanlin lashed out against fans picking him up at the airport today after the chaos that ensued. He expressed his sentiments as follows:

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“Never encouraged anyone to pick me up at the airport. Never felt picking up at the airport is a method to chase after celebrities. Every airport is for public use, not my private space. Of course, after posting this message, there will still be people who will come. You guys still have your freedom, I understand. Well let me ask, today is my shoe, next time whose foot will it be? Next time, which body part will it be? Today was actually very dangerous. My left ankle has an old injury from practicing ball during junior high. When I was filming yesterday, my old injury recurred. Today, someone stepped on my left foot’s sneaker. If I was injured as a result of someone stepping on my left foot and I couldn’t participate in my work the next day, may I ask who will be responsible? Put yourself in someone else’s shoes. We’re all human. I’m not superman. There is still a lot I want to say, but I stopped myself. We’re all civilized people, we should understand.”

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