Carlos Chan Says Shiga Lin Ignored Him and Calls Her Old

Carlos Chan Says Shiga Lin Ignored Him and Calls Her Old

Carlos Chan (陳家樂) and Shiga Lin (連詩雅) attended the press conference today for TVB’s new variety show, “12 Summers” (12個夏天). The two paired up as hosts for the South Korea segment. They didn’t know each other beforehand and were initially worried about the atmosphere getting awkward. Carlos Chan said he is slow to warm up to people and was worried about Shiga Lin being too reserved and proper. Luckily, she turned out to be cute and since they are close in age, there was no generation gap.

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Shiga Lin recalls, “Actually, before we left [for South Korea], we both didn’t know each other and so I was worried. Carlos Chan added, “I don’t know why they found us both. When we see each other normally, we don’t even say hi. I said hi to her, but she wouldn’t respond to me.” Shiga Lin ojbects and says, “I’ve never seen you. I’m sure I’ve never seen you before.” Carlos Chan says, “You see. She saw me, but pretends that she never did. I’m sure you’ve seen me before.” Shiga Lin then says, “You’ve mistaken me for someone else. I am Shiga Lin.”

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Carlos Chan couldn’t take it anymore and explains there was an event where they were sitting two seats apart from each other. He took the initiative to say hi to Shiga Lin and was sure it was her. He says Shiga LIn was too busy talking to someone else. Carlos Chan then talks about their experience working together. He says, “Luckily, I discovered we both grew up from the same generation. I am old, but it turns out she’s not young either.” Shiga Lin then says people will think we are not on good terms.

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