Shiga Lin Has to Seduce Benjamin Yuen in “Line Walker 3”

Shiga Lin Has to Seduce Benjamin Yuen in "Line Walker 3"

Filming is currently underway for TVB’s “Line Walker 3”. Even though Shiga Lin (連詩雅) succumbed to her death in the second installment of the “Line Walker” (使徒行者3) trilogy, she will be reprising the same role in the third series. Shiga Lin spoke to today about her role in the series and revealed she has to start getting fit as her scenes are about to be filmed. In the prior series, Shiga Lin’s character had already died in an explosion, when asked if she is coming back to life, she responded “I really died in the prior series. This time will be primarily filming flashbacks. My scenes will mostly be with Benjamin Yuen (袁偉豪).”

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Shiga Lin’s character was an undercover cop reporting to Michael Miu’s character in the second series. She revealed this time she will have to get close to Benjamin Yuen in order to obtain intelligence. Shiga Lin expressed, “This time my character is a female police officer and I will have to use a little of my charm to seduce Benjamin Yuen. So on the wardrobe side, the clothes will be very tight and skin fitting. I will also have to show my legs often, so I will be watching my diet this week.” When asked if Benjamin will be lured by her, Shiga Lin said, “In the series, he seems to be very friendly. I hope to successfully get the information I want.”

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When asked if she was worried about portraying a police officer due to the current tensions between the police and citizens in Hong Kong, Shiga Lin had this to say, “The audience’s eyes are very bright. When they watch it, they do know I am just a character from a storyline. In addition, this series is still filming. It won’t air until next year. I think it will be different by then.”

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