Steven Cheung’s Wife Reveals Why She Looked Unhappy on Their Wedding Day

Steven Cheung's Wife Reveals Why She Looked Unhappy on Their Wedding Day

After Steven Cheung’s (張致恆) cheating scandal was exposed, he hit rock bottom. Luckily, his baby mana, Au Manman (區燕雯), forgave him. The two of them legally wed on September 2nd, but netizens criticized her for having a solemn face on their wedding day. Au Manman posted a lengthy IG post and revealed she looked solemn that day because they have been receiving threats.

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Au Manman showed this picture of Steven Cheung helping her fix her hair on their wedding day and expressed, “Never imagined this day would come after everything that has happened. Of course I am happy and excited inside, but in reality I am very scared, nervous, and worried. A month before getting married, I received a lot of messages from victims, regular people yelling at me, insulting me, threatening me and even some messages saying they would harm my baby. That’s why on our wedding day, I completely couldn’t control my expression from being scared and worried.”

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She continued to say, “I am just a normal person and a first time mother. There were so many of these messages…Of course I am scared someone would do this. So that day I was keeping a close watch everywhere. My mind wasn’t all there and didn’t have much expression. I definitely wasn’t unwilling or reluctant to get married.” Au Manman also disclosed they will be holding their wedding banquet on September 2, 2020, their one year wedding anniversary.

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Steven Cheung spoke to Oriental Daily News and said, “A month ago, my wife received a lot of DMs from a random person telling my wife to be careful, said they recognized my son’s face.” (How will you protect your wife?) “I will accompany my wife leaving and going home and will be careful and try not to bring my son out.” Steven Cheung also expressed they haven’t filed a police report as they don’t want to make a big deal, but will call the cops if something serious happens.

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