Steven Cheung Issues Apology and Vows to Be a Better Man

Steven Cheung Issues Apology and Vows to Be a Better Man

Steven Cheung (張致恒) has finally showed up and addressed his scandal after disappearing for a few days. While it was reported earlier he would be filming a video to publicly apologize, he only issued his apology on Instagram so far. In his IG post, he says:

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“I deeply regret disappointing Kenny and my company. My bad behavior has hurt everyone. Even if I apologize to every victim, I will not be forgiven. But I will still say this to each person one more time: I made a mistake, I am very sorry to you all!

I deeply reflect on all the irresponsible actions I committed and I will truly repent.

I am very thankful for my fiancee (雯雯) for empathizing with me even after finding out what happened. I promise I will be a responsible person, take good care of her and the baby. I will try my best to change. I know the road ahead of me will be a hard one to walk. I hope everyone will give me a chance to change and become a better person.”

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After he posted this, ex-girlfriend #2, Moon, posted an IG story that said, “Oh”, seemingly in response to what Steven Cheung posted. Apple Daily HK reached out to Moon. She said, “He can do as he pleases. He no longer has anything to do with me. I’ve been deeply involved with work. I am so busy. I don’t have time right now to care whether he has reflected or not. It has nothing to do with me.” Another ex-girlfriend, Ms. C also responded, saying, “His apology doesn’t deserve forgiveness. He also paid me back. I just hope he can really take responsibility to be a good father.”

Credit:, Apple Daily HK, Steven Cheung IG

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