Steven Cheung was Still Clinging to Ex-Girlfriend #2, Moon, when His Baby was Born

Steven Cheung was Still Clinging to Ex-Girlfriend #2, Moon, when His Baby was Born

Steven Cheung’s (張致恒) cheating scandal has bombarded the Hong Kong headlines for the past few days. He has gotten more press in these four days than he has over the span of his 17 days. Since the scandal first broke, more girls have come forward claiming to be victims of Steven Cheung’s philandering ways. Three other girls have come forward and even congregated together showing how Steven Cheung had once sent the same picture to all three of them. One particular victim, Moon, claims she was still with Steven Cheung while he was with his pregnant baby mama. She even had receipts to show for it.

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Steven Cheung was Still Clinging to Ex-Girlfriend #2, Moon, when His Baby was Born

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Moon had sent several messages to Apple Daily HK of Steven Cheung schmoozing her. One is of him telling her in Mandarin, “Wifey, I do love you. Don’t think crazy thoughts.”, after she suspected him of cheating with someone else. There is another one where he is telling her they are buying stuff because one of their friends’s baby has his 100 day old banquet that night. Moon later on realized it was actually Steven Cheung’s own baby’s 100 day old banquet. Steven Cheung also brought Moon along to a basketball event in May. She claims Steven Cheung introduced his friends to her, including former TVB artist, Adrian Chau (周志文), was also present that day. He refused to comment about the two.

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When all this happened, Steven Cheung was actually in Thailand filming a promotional video with Kenny Kwan (關智斌) for the Boy’z now canceled concert. It was reported Steven Cheung immediately left on his own after they were done filming. Kenny Kwan spoke to reporters yesterday and revealed Steven Cheung had finally contacted him and explained a bit about the situation. Kenny Kwan also expressed he isn’t mad at Steven Cheung, but felt helpless when he learned about the news of the Boy’z concert being canceled.

Money problems?

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One of the newer victims who came forward with Moon, claims he owes her $3,000 HKD after helping him buy a Rimowa suitcase. When asked if Steven Cheung owed him any money, Kenny Kwan said, “We don’t really calculate it like that. Sometimes he asks me for money, sometimes I ask him for money. There’s no problem.” It’s reported Kenny Kwan lost out on seven figures because he turned down other jobs for this concert. EEG has also said they will not pursue him for money they lost out for the concert.

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However, it seems not everyone is as forgiving. Good friends and former label mates, Charlene Choi (蔡卓妍) and Joey Yung (容祖兒) are no longer following him on IG. His China fan club also announced they are disbanding and permanently ceasing operations. Steven Cheung has also disabled commenting on his posts.

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