Boy’z Member Steven Cheung is Getting Married to His Fan

Boy'z Member Steven Cheung is Finally Settling Down and Getting Married to His Fan

Steven Cheung (張致恒), who is 1/2 of the Hong Kong duo, Boy’z, announced today he is is getting married to his girlfriend today on Instagram. He posted a picture with his girlfriend and now fiancee and said: “Thankful! We will stepping into the next chapter of our lives. Thank you!” It’s said Steven Cheung’s fiancee is his 28 year old fan. It’s also reported his girlfriend had given birth to their child and even had the baby’s 100 day birthday banquet last month.

Steven Cheung Addresses Rumors His Fiancee Used Their Baby to Threaten Him

Steven Cheung’s Ex-Girlfriend, April Leung, Claims They Still Had Relations a Few Days Ago

Apple Daily reached out to Steven Cheung’s former manager, Mani Fok, asking her if she knew about the marriage news. She said, “We have a group, Ah Sa, Ah Gill and others. We all congratulated him, but he hasn’t responded back. Steven Cheung’s ex-girlfriend, Xenia Chong (莊端兒), told Apple Daily HK, “It’s a bit sudden, but I am very happy about the good news. I wish them full of happiness and fortune.”

Steven Cheung Issues Apology and Vows to Be a Better Man

Steven Cheung responded through his manager today: “I’ve been wanting to share three good news with everyone, but my fiancee has been very understanding and doting of me. I don’t want to affect my future work schedules and want to handle it in a low key manner. However, this time, forgive me for being impulsive. Pretty soon, I will be heading into my life’s biggest effort, being a good man, a good husband, and a good father!”

Steven Cheung was Still Clinging to Ex-Girlfriend #2, Moon, when His Baby was Born

Another Ex-Girlfriend Spills the Tea on Steven Cheung Cheating on Her and How His Fiancee Threatened Him

Steven Cheung has had a very illustrious love life since his debut. He once dated fellow EEG singer, Sherman Chung (鍾舒漫), but in 2013, it was said a model by the name of Keiko (孫旗), caused him and Sherman Cheung to break up. Keiko accused Steven of taking her virginity and breaking up with her immediately afterwards. Steven later on denied dating Keiko, but did admit they had a one night stand. He admitted he failed for being “horny.” Later on, Steven Cheung dated Xenia Chong, but cheated on her with a rich Taiwanese girl. Steven Cheung publicly apologized to her and announced their two year relationship was over. In 2016, he was dating a theater actor, April Leung (梁皓恩). He had once praised April Leung for making him more mature. However, he already had a new girlfriend this year and was rumored to have cheated on April Leung. However, it turns out the two had already broken up.

Credit: Apple Daily HK, Steven Cheung IG