Steven Cheung Addresses Rumors His Fiancee Used Their Baby to Threaten Him

Steven Cheung Addresses Rumors His Fiancee Used Their Baby to Threaten Him

The Steven Cheung (張致恒) cheating scandal was seemingly over after he posted an apology on his IG account on July 29th. All was right with the world when it was announced Kenny Kwan would be having his solo concert in place of the Boy’z concert on August 2nd. However, Steven Cheung made two separate IG posts earlier today: one titled as a public apology directed towards April Leung (梁皓恩), the other is addressing all the news reports about his cheating.

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Public apology to April Leung

“In this whole incident, I had never broke up with April. This is an irresponsible and evil action.

All along, she thought I was only dating her. It wasn’t until the news was revealed did she realize she has been in the dark, wasted her youth, her time. I understand my mistakes shouldn’t be forgiven, but I must sincerely say one thing to April here: Sorry!”

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Addressing the rumors

“There have been a lot of negative news reports lately.

Especially all the people who were impacted because of this incident, it also brought a lot of negative emotions, for this, I feel immense guilt.

I want to clarify one more time:

Those that were cheated, including my fiancee, “Man Man” (雯雯), I lied to her that I had broken up with April earlier on.

I lied to cheat other girl, saying she (Man Man) used the baby to threaten me to marry her. But the truth is, my fiancee never used our baby to threaten me to do anything. I was the one who insisted on having the baby. She has always forgiven me, accommodating, and enduring me.
I hope these false allegations against her can stop.

I want to sincerely apologize to her here.”

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Credit: Steven Cheung IG